Giving Societies and Special Funds

There are several ways you can promote the mission of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Here are the ways you can lend a hand to help us provide world-class care to thousands of children and families.

Giving Societies


Founder’s Society

Our Founder’s Society members give lifetime contributions of $50,000 or more. These ongoing, significant gifts are the lifeblood of the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation and Memorial Foundation.

Circle of Friends

Our Circle of Friends is comprised of our friends and neighbors who give $1,000 or more each year to support the work of the Foundations.

Physicians’ Circle

The Physicians Circle represents doctors who have made a financial commitment of $1,000 or more annually to support the work of the Foundations.

Dream Builders Society

These members ensure that the mission of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital continues into the future. Through thoughtful estate and financial planning, these donors have named one or both of the Foundations as a beneficiary to a trust or will, a retirement plan or life insurance policy, or have established a Charitable Gift Annuity.
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Donate to Special Funds

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Hospital Expansion Fund

Support our expansion fund so we can make sure world-class care is here for you, your loved ones, friends, neighbors and thousands of deserving families when they need it most - right where we all live, work and raise our families.
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Clown Fund

Support our resident clown, Lotsy Dotsy, by providing activities and supplies. Lotsy Dotsy has dedicated 25 years to bring smiles and laughter to our patients and their families.
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Conine Clubhouse Fund

Become a supporter of the Conine Clubhouse, a free home away from home for families whose child is hospitalized at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.
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Cystic Fibrosis Fund

Help us provide services to our cystic fibrosis patients, including education materials and emergency assistance.
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Diamond Angels Fund

As part of the Diamond Angels, you provide emergency financial assistance to families whose critically ill children are being treated at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.
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Child Life Fund

You can provide programs and services for our pediatric patients and their families. This includes play equipment, distraction therapy and bedside activities.
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Love Jen Fund

By supporting the Love Jen Fund, you help families cope with the financial and emotional stresses of living with cancer with emergency financial assistance, activities and special events that celebrate milestones.
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Pediatric Cardiology Fund

Support our many services for cardiac patients, including our cardiac emergency fund and transplant fund.