Immanuel Turner, MD

Immanuel Turner
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Congenital Heart Surgery
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Hollywood, FL 33021

About Me

I am a pediatric cardiac surgeon at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, where I care for newborns, infants, children, adolescents and adults with complex congenital heart defects. I also perform heart transplantation and surgeries to implant mechanical circulatory assist devices, which are artificial heart pumps.

I became interested in surgery while in high school, when a prominent surgeon came to speak to my class. The testimonials from his patients really inspired me and showed me how I could make an impact in the world through medicine. 

During my training, I became enamored with the physiology and anatomy of the heart. Every congenital heart patient has a different and unique situation, and I enjoy the challenge of finding surgical interventions to make my patients’ hearts as strong as they can be.

I look at the process of congenital heart surgery as a journey that I get to go on with each patient and their family. I believe impeccable communication and a strong partnership are just as important to the healing process as the complex techniques I use in the operating room.

As a father myself, I know the trust parents place in me — and the entire Joe DiMaggio team — to care for their children. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to help my patients overcome their health challenges so they can focus on living their life to the fullest.

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  • Wake Forest University, 2004
  • Duke University Hospital, 2005, Surgery
  • Duke University Medical School, 2006, Surgery
  • Duke University Medical School, 2011, Surgery
  • University Of Michigan Medical Center, 2013, Thoracic Surgery
  • University Of Michigan Medical Center, 2014
American Board of Thoracic Surgery-Congenital Cardiac Surgery
American Board of Thoracic Surgery-Thoracic Surgery



Review article

  • Adams GL, Manson RJ, Turner II, Sindram D, Lawson JH. Balance of thrombosis and hemorrhage in surgery. Hem Onc Clin N. Amer, 2007 Feb ; 21(1) : 13-24 Review


Every congenital heart case is unique, which means for each patient, we must take into account many different variables to find the best surgical intervention as well as the right timing for each procedure. My research is focused on following children post-surgery to see if we can determine more definitive protocols regarding the best timing and techniques for certain procedures based on immediate and long-term outcomes as children grow into adults.  

Currently, I am researching the framework for single ventricle palliation — a three-part surgical treatment for patients born with anatomy to support only one working ventricle. More specifically, I am examining the techniques of the connection that provides blood flow to the lungs during the first surgery. I am also researching treatment options for patients with congenital valvular disease, especially pertaining to issues of the mitral valve and repair.


  • “Initiation of a home monitoring program improves interstage mortality following Norwood procedure” Poster presentation AATS Toronto, Canada April 2014  (Award winner)
  • “Alternaive approach to ascending aortic arch aneursym in 10 year old with Takayasu’s arteritis” Invited presenter, Congenital Heart Surgeons Society Video Session, October 2013 
  • “Initiation of a home monitoring program improves interstage mortality following Norwood procedure” Invited presenter, Midwest Pediatric Cardiology Society Scientific Session, Chicago, Illinois September 2013
  • “In vivo imaging of hypoxia responsive inducible system for cardiac gene transfer”.  Invited presenter, Keystone Cardiovascular Science Symposia, Keystone, Colorado,  January 2008

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