Animal-assisted therapy

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We know how physically and emotionally draining any medical condition can be. One of the unique components of our program is the availability of animal-assisted therapy to help get you back to health. Through the help of specially trained therapy dogs, we’ve created a powerful healing environment that motivates and encourages our patients to reach their goals.

Specially trained to follow more than 80 commands, our therapy dogs work side-by- side with their handlers to interact with patients and assist therapists with various tasks, including:

  • bouncing a ball,
  • fetching an item in the room, or
  • offering friendly encouragement as patients perform therapeutic activities.

Patients look forward to seeing the dogs during their session and are encouraged to talk, pet and stroke them. More importantly, these positive one-on- one interactions are a welcome distraction and have shown to relieve pain and discomfort, reduce anxiety and facilitate healing.

Our Therapy Dog

Mesa, our certified service dog, is a gorgeous golden retriever who joined Memorial Healthcare System in January 2019. As one of the unique components of our program that helps create a healing environment at Memorial Regional Hospital South, what Mesa offers our patients goes beyond conventional medicine. Mesa works side-by- side with her trained handlers to help inspire, motivate and encourage our patients to reach their goals. Her special brand of love and healing is another reason why Memorial Rehabilitation Institute is a leader in the field of rehabilitation.