Determination Drive

Determination Drive is a realistic, simulated community environment that includes a fully functioning apartment, a car, library and grocery store utilized to assist you in returning home.



To help patients with memory or cognitive deficits, we have a fully functional ATM which is used to help patients return to independence with aspects of money management.



Our library was developed particularly for traumatic brain injury patients to assist them in re-learning sequence skills and understanding how to follow directions.


Grocery Store

We also have a well-stocked grocery store where we simulate the steps of shopping. Patients must use balance to reach items, weigh produce and maneuver a shopping cart.


MINI Cooper

The famous MINI Cooper is used to train patients to safely get in and out of a car, as well as how to place a wheelchair in the back.


The park setting helps our patients learn how to get up and down from more challenging surfaces.

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